We Have Revamped Our Website, To Add A Dash Of Beautification And Modification

We are delighted to share our newly redesigned website! After months of hard work and dedication we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website, with a bold new look and enhanced navigation experience. The new site launch is available and the URL is http://icoderzsolutions.com/

We last revamped our design back in 2011 with several tweaks along the way between then and now.

We’ve always had favourable feedbacks on our website from people saying it really represents our dedication, work culture and follow the sun agile methodology. Whilst such positive feedbacks make us pretty content, we’ve come quite a long way in 5 years. So to add a dash of beautification & modification and to reflect the digital services we offer, we have especially revamped our website.

Yes, it was very much a team effort, as the design was created by Pritesh Sudra the illustrations were created by Pritesh Sudra, the development was handled by Manoj Patel And the truthful information, content was written, proofed and  prodded byRitesh Patel.

The new website is interactive and gives superior access to services, Engagement Model, Work, Blog, Support Information, Company News, Client Testimonials, Contact, Enquiry web pages as well as Social Media Information along with News. If you will take a closer look at our work, you may notice that some projects weren’t on the previous version of the site. We’ve been eagerly waiting for the new site to show them off in the way they deserve. So, please do have a look at the work we have done for our valuable clients. There’s loads of new work to arrive soon. So, whether you are our current or prospective client, you will find lots of our valuable information about our services on the home page of our website.

Amongst the new features, the site has now integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to foster better communication with our valuable clients. From now onwards, we will be constantly updating most up-to-date information through articles, blogs, news, company announcements and client success stories in the blog section.

From a layout point and structured view the old site was serving us pretty well, thus we have made only minor changes to the form. To make sure the code is clean as well as lean, we have decided to make use of an existing front-end framework, instead of building the entire layout from the scratch. In terms of flexibility we have given as much flexibility as possible. Making use of less CSS preprocessor, it has helped us in maintaining a clean stylesheet. With this incarnation of the website, we’ve taken some extra care to ensure that the site looks perfectly conceivable in all devices.

We are pretty much sure that you will like the website and how it has turned out. So, do have a look and poke around and you can also drop us a tweet with your feedback!

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