Whether you are a Startup or a Small Business, Why it is Necessary To Develop a Mobile Application

By 2018, the count of smartphones is projected to reach 2.56 billion or a third of the human population. Theses handy devices are literally challenging  computers and have become an integral key sector of customer engagement. This is the reason businesses have already embraced this technology and have created mobile applications for their business. Best Mobile app Development in USA is an excellent approach  to attract, retain and communicate with your present and prospect user and customers. As having a business application is better in all the prospects, whether it is your services, tools or a frequency to access your website through a browser. For numbers of businesses mobile applications have become a game changer.

However, still 45% of businesses don’t have a mobile app as per the report from Adobe. On top of that, about 21% have both a mobile app as well as a responsive website, whereas only 7% have mobile app. So, whether you are a startup or own a small, medium or big size business, it is essential to understand that a traditional website alone, no longer certifies an extensive customer potential. Mobile presence has become necessary for every business to ace the digital rat race and take your business to the next level rapidly and easily.

In case you are still not sure how you can too attract your customers, speeding sales, and build your business a brand, heres a detailed guideline, why you need to go the mobile way irrespective of your business size and type.

Why Your Business Should Develop Mobile App?

The affordability and fast software development growth have streamlined the app development procedure  and has encouraged more businesses to create a full-functioning application.

The social media is on the rise as more and more consumers are opening to engage with brands on the daily basis, even if they are not explicitly loyal to purchasers of that particular business. Marketers and business owners are capitalizing on consumers’ desires for interaction by producing entertaining mobile apps. While being fun to use, inspiration or informational, a common characteristics of these apps is that they feature a strong call-to-action to coax the users to purchase a product and help the business to benefit with a different approach.

What Types of Small Businesses are Making Apps?

As per the 2015 analysis, 40,402 apps were created with an app development platform and found that expected businesses such as;

  • Photo Printing Services
  • Bars & Restaurants 
  • Events planning / Organizing company 
  • Taxi/Cab/Travel Company
  • Hotel & Group of Hotels. 

are highly prevalent and soon will be on the great rise by creating their own business mobile application. Devoting your time and money on the listed above industries can help you in the long-term to reduce the amount of time your staff needs in fulfilling orders, taking payments or complete bookings.

How your Business can make a difference with mobile application?

Photo Printing Services

Over the last 15 years the consumer behavior has gone under a major revolution. For the digital-savvy twenty-something, sharing photos using a smartphone, tablet or app has become a social norm. As on the daily basis 1.8 billion photos are being uploaded on the social platforms.

Where as photo printing and custom photo printing seems like a long-forgotten exercise for many as its something too young to have grown up. At this scale, if you will give your customers to print minimal amount of photos stored in their smartphones, tablets or the cloud, the uplift in the number of printed photo products could be phenomenal. You can offer your customers numbers of customized photo printing services such as custom coffee mug printing, T-shirt/shirt printing, customized photo frame, canvas printing, custom mobile case printing or can let them print anything based on your customer’s specific requirements and all you can offer with just developing a specific custom photo printing application.

So, interested in knowing that how you can make a difference by developing your photo printing application to know more contact us at Contact us

Application for Bar and Restaurant

A fully customized and branded mobile app for your bar can help you to take reservations, show special cocktails, send offers, show bar facilities and location, engage with your customers and more.

Get in touch with your VIP customers and acquire new one with developing your cool app to override their hunger and crave their thrust. You can also send push notifications with special offers with drinks, meals, shows by offering them special features to gain loyalty. You can also update your app customers by sending them calendar with football matches, Facebook sharing, photo album and more bar related offers.

Grow up your business by developing your own bars and restaurant application. To know more contacts us at Contact us

Events planning / Organizing company 

Have you attempted to try an event management app for your professional event and end up with confusion or a painful experience? Regardless of whether you like it or not, an event management app has become essential to deal with your event planning as well as management job. Still wondering why you should develop an application for your event or event organizing company? Let me familiar with the key benefits of developing an event app.

  • You can enable effective collaboration and avoid mis communication.
  • With an application you can boost your ticket sales with better event marketing Tools
  • With a few taps get an accurate attendee data without a proper CRM
  • With an event management app can help you manage multiple events efficiently
  • You can use the event management app to send scheduled messages, teasers, newsletters, reminders, and so on.

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Taxi/Cab/Travel Company

A Tailor made taxi app solution can enlarge, automate and boost your business. By developing your own customized Taxi/Cab/Travel application you can get the listed benefits.

  • You can get more passengers on board. There
  • Optimum Driver management
  • Web interface to monitor your business
  • Web Interface for Manual Dispatching
  • Tasks are just a part of a comprehensive solution
  • Cutting edge Cloud taxi app features

Hire our mobile application service to move your taxi business smoothly and you can easily manage with customized taxi dispatch software.  Develop your own taxi application to indicate the righteous track and get maximum return on investment by opting our complete taxi solution. Meet your business requirements with your customized Taxi app solution development.

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Hotel & Group of Hotels 

In the cutting throat competitive digital world, everyone owns smart devices and has access to the internet. So, developing an application for your hotel or group of hotel application can help you to reach the maximum numbers of people and that too in a long way. Developing your hotel application, you can increase hotel’s revenue by offering new opportunities. And With push notifications from your hotel app, travelers can be kept updated on the latest deals and special discounts for loyal guests. Along with reservations and check in-check outs you can avail numbers of advantages.

Benefits For The Hotel

  • Generate repeated bookings
  • Up Selling amenities
  • Expand the hotel brand
  • A better service for guests
  • A new communication channel with customers
  • Competitive advantage against competitors
  • 100% expandable for future marketing campaigns
  • Ability for extra customization

Benefits For The Hotel Guests

  • A better experience during their stay
  • A complete interactive city guides available offline in their pocket
  • Instant call buttons for emergencies
  • “Way back to the hotel” interactive map (GPS enabled)
  • Easy to find essential information
  • Take advantage of special offers

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