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7 Minute Challenge Workout

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The Challenge

The requirements for the application were quite transparent and well-planned by our clients. They were really clear about the idea and they also know how they want their application designed. Their clear vision gave us the confidence about the designing of the application. The app regarding fitness and workout was really challenging to be developed, as it requires all precisions to deal with people’s health and fitness. Clients wanted this app especially for iTunes.

Solutions From icoderz

Along with our expert developers, we decided to accept this challenge. And then we started developing this amazing fitness application. While preparing this application we also consulted severe fitness and medical professionals. The idea was based upon 7 minutes workout for overall health and fitness. There were many another option build under this app which allows its users to become more acknowledged about their health.


After such diligent work on this app, the outcome is nothing less than a great success. The application is loved by clients and the users are more than happy using this app. It is designed in such a manner that users never get bored with it and it has become the part of their routine.

Core Features

Live filter on camera

BMI Calculator

Video Editing

Daily Fitness Tracking

Slideshow from photo

Workouts Guide

What People Says

“ This is a great app, I have been using this app for a few weeks. This app has completely jump started my workout regime. The design and display is brilliant, also cool extra features to incorporate with my routine so I never get bored. Great App! ”

Victoria Giannakis

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