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Launch Your E-Commerce App Like Amazon, EBay, Flipkart

Developing an Online Marketplace apps like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay have remarkably improved online shopping experiences using AI and ML technologies. Are you impressed and plan to build an ecommerce app like Amazon, eBay, or Flipkart?

We, at iCoderz Technologies, develop white-label eCommerce mobile apps like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Reach out to millions of customers with our customer-centric single and multi-vendor E-commerce app development services.

As one of the best e-commerce app development companies, we offer you a complete E-commerce solution with a Woocommerce website and a mobile app. We help entrepreneurs boost their business profits by developing alluring and user-friendly e-commerce applications helping users shop quickly and easily. Turn your business into a profitable E-commerce marketplace generating high ROI with readymade E-commerce app like Amazon, Flipkart.

Ease your E-commerce App Management
with Automation

Expand your online presence 7X faster with intelligent technology that we integrate in the custom on-demand food delivery solutions. Create your brand with the leading food delivery app development company.

Augmented Reality

We let you embrace the future of online shopping by integrating augmented reality into custom eCommerce apps.

Omni Channel Ordering

Boost your customer satisfaction by letting them order from the web and social media as well.

Multilingual Support

Shopping is more fun in your native language. Let your customers shop in their own language.

Credit & EMI

Facilitate your users to purchase products on EMIs or credit to boost your sales on the online eCommerce app.

Want to hire ECommerce developers who understand your business needs?

Ecommerce app developmet Business Model

Coderz holds extensive experience in delivering online Food Delivery App Development Services for various industries and business models. We provide the best-in-class customized restaurant app development solutions for food delivery startups, individual restaurants, and restaurant aggregators.


Are you seeking support to build or expand your e-commerce business? Our customized e-commerce solutions.

Traditional Businesses

Want to switch your offline store to online? We have E-commerce app development services.

Joint Ventures

Move ahead with your Joint Venture at a greater speed and security. Our tailor-made E-commerce website.

Develop/Try Our E-Commerce App Company

One of the most popular online activities worldwide is Online shopping. In 2020, E-commerce sales amounted to 4.28 trillion US dollars worldwide alone for the Retail sector. Moreover, it is projected to grow to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. The ability to reach millions of customers through a single platform makes E-commerce app solutions highly profitable.

Launch your E-commerce app like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart with our customized readymade E-commerce app solutions. Our industry-tailored E-commerce App development services suit the versatile needs of various businesses. Reap the maximum benefits with our all-in-one E-commerce Multi-Vendor solution.


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Top Features of e-Commerce Web & m-Commerce Mobile App

At iCoderz, we have an expert team of E-commerce app developers experienced in developing the best-in-class features and functionalities. Thus, as a leading eCommerce app development company, we ensure to develop eCommerce solutions with future-oriented features.

Mobile App

The custom eCommerce mobile application enables you to reach millions of mobile app users.

  1. Easy onboarding

    Customers can onboard easily by quickly registering to the app.

  2. Product categories & Navigation

    The E-commerce app lists products under various categories to enable easy navigation and search.

  3. Multiple payment options

    The Customers can make the payments directly through the app using various payment options like debit/credit cards, online payments, etc.

  4. Multilingual support

    The white-label e-commerce app supports multiple languages for better user experiences.

  5. Cart

    The customers can add the products they want to purchase to the Cart before final payments.

  6. Add to favorites

    While browsing the products, users can add the products they like to favorite for future purchases.

  7. Review & ratings

    The users can give feedback, review, and rate products on their purchase experience.

  8. Social media login

    The users can connect their social media accounts through the e-commerce application.


Build your own eCommerce marketplace website like Amazon, eBay, and Myntra with world-class eCommerce features.

  1. Easy Product Search

    The users can easily search for any category of products using the search option and easy navigation.

  2. Wish List

    The users can add the products they like to a separate favorites list for future purchases.

  3. Cart

    Once the customers have finalized the products to purchase, they can add products to the Cart to make the final payment.

  4. Multilingual support

    The users can convert the website language based on their geographic locations and the language they prefer.

  5. Review & ratings

    The e-commerce website shows the reviews and feedback given by users regarding the products and their shopping experiences. The users can add their feedback to the website.

  6. Filter option

    Filter to sort the products based on the parameters the user wish to search for

  7. Coupons and promo codes

    Coupons and promo codes to buy your favorite products at a discounted rate.

  8. High-resolution Images

    The vendors can add high-resolution images of their products and services from different angles. The users can zoom in on the images for a better view.

Vendor App

Vendor Panel enables eCommerce business owners to showcase their products on the application for sale.

  1. Sign-up & Login

    The vendors can sign up or log in using their email or contact or social media accounts.

  2. Profile Creation and Listings

    The Vendors can create a profile and can upload products on the portal.

  3. The Product, Order, Returns, and Inventory Management

    The Vendor can easily manage products and orders through the app.

  4. Notifications

    The Vendors receive notifications for every activity related to product orders or purchases, or sales.

  5. Offers & Discounts

    The Vendors can update offers and discounts on products.

  6. Reports & Analysis

    The Vendors can view or analyze their monthly sales and product performances.

  7. Payment Management

    The vendors can see the status of payments by customers, manage commissions, and process cancellation refunds.

  8. Ratings & Reviews

    The vendors can check the reviews & ratings about their products.

Admin Panel

Admin dashboard to help eCommerce business aggregators manage customers and multiple eCommerce business owners.

  1. Interactive dashboard

    An interactive admin dashboard that facilitates easy management and functioning of all the app panels.

  2. Manage advertisements

    The admin can create and manage advertisements to run in the app.

  3. Product management

    The admin can manage the list and categories of products to showcase on the app.

  4. Employee management

    The admin can track the activities of employees and manage them easily.

  5. Track orders

    The admin can track orders in real-time and ensure timely delivery.

  6. Order history

    The admin can manage the history of orders for a whole day or week, or month.

  7. Customer data

    The admin can access the customer data that they enter in the app or e-commerce website.

  8. Reports & Analytics

    The admin can monitor and analyze the customer preferences, demands, revenues, and more.

  9. Offer creation

    The admin can create discount offers, loyalty programs, and coupons to attract new customers.

Success Stories: How We've Made a Difference

Explore our portfolio of projects and success stories that have driven success for our clients. We have helped businesses overcome challenges, achieve goals, and thrive in their industries. We still feel we have just begun. Our continuous drive for innovation and customer satisfaction keeps us motivated to develop better products and solutions for businesses and earn the trust and loyalty of our valued clients.

Chowman Food Delivery

Kolkataโ€™s Prominent
Chinese Food Delivery App

The Chowman App opens the gateway for the world of flavorful Chinese cuisine for customers directly from the famous Kolkata-based Chinese restaurant chains.

Food & Drink | India


crash-free users


App Store Rating



Chowman - Food Delivery App Case Study by iCoderz


An Award-Winning Photo & Video Editing App

A fantastic mobile app helps you make beautiful photos & Video Edits on a single app. PICFY includes more than 50+ Tools to edit, add effects, and optimize images and videos.

Photo & Video | India


crash-free users


App Store Rating



Picfy - Photo & Video Editing App Case Study by iCoderz


A Popular Dating App with Interactive Elements

Dating brings in a lot of fun and excitement. Following the trend, one of our clients asked us to build a dating app, which is quite popular now.

Dating | USA


crash-free users


App Store Rating



Blaxity - Dating App Case Study

Need custom Ecommerce app solutions to boost your business online?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing eCommerce App

Every business has different demands and requirements. Many factors and functionalities of development influence the E-Commerce App Development Cost. We can help you discover the exact cost estimations for building your online e-commerce app solution.

Features Complexity
Features Complexity

The type and complexity of features and functionalities of the app.

UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

The cost involved in designing the frontend designs of the app.

App Platform
App Platform

The platform you want to build the app- Android, iOS, or web.

The Technology Used
The Technology Used

The technologies, frameworks, and APIs involved in developing the app.

Third-Party Integrations
Third-Party Integrations

The added technologies involved to enhance the App Features and functionality.

App Maintenance
App Maintenance

Post-deployment expenses to maintain the app or update for new versions.

App Hosting
App Hosting

The cost depends on the type of hosting services you choose for your app.

App Security
App Security

The expenses incurred for app protection and security.

App Testing
App Testing

Expenses incurred to test the app against bugs or software glitches.

Client Words: A Legacy of Trust

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond software development; it encompasses delivering amazing experiences to our valued customers. Through a customer-centric approach, unparalleled software solutions, and deep domain expertise, we foster loyalty, ensuring your success remains at the heart of everything we do.

iCoderz Solutions was a particularly valuable partner during the ideation phase, offering advice and sharing honest opinions about the product.


The vendor's invested efforts allowed them to exceed expectations. They've been exceptionally accommodating to stakeholders' requests. Their knowledge and responsiveness were


Pre-launch testing produced positive reviews. iCoderz Solutions offered solid communication skills, speedy request response, and goal-oriented project management.


Why Choose iCoderz?

We, at iCoderz, hold a decade of experience in developing dynamic and end-to-end Online E-commerce App solutions and readymade customizable E-Commerce app development services.

iCoderz Solutions Team

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Want to hire a professional Ecommerce app development team?

Frequently Asked Questions

With the expertise of over 11 years in the industry, we have gained in-depth knowledge of eCommerce app development. The expert on-demand app programmers at iCoderz are well-versed with the latest technology trends and keep them updated. You can expect high-quality doctor applications delivered within the deadline.

We appreciate it if you provide exact details of your business model, features you want to add, competitors, target audience, and deadline. The more details you give us, the fewer the chances of changes and modifications. Thus, it will help save you money, time, and effort.

The tech stack of the eCommerce app will vary depending on the app's complexity, features, third-party integration, etc. The technology stack we use is as follows:

  • Front-end development: Angular, ReactJS
  • Back-end development: Node.js, PHP
  • Android - Java, iOS - Swift
  • Payment modes: Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
  • Push notifications:, Twilio
  • In-app calling and messaging: Twilio
  • Cloud environment: Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure.

Yes, of course. We can develop an online eCommerce app like Amazon, eBay, etc. Tell us your requirements, and we can provide custom eCommerce app solutions.

The custom eCommerce app can benefit different stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • ECommerce Business Owners