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Website of your dreams using custom frameworks developed in PHP by our dedicated team of PHP developers. Also, PHP is one of the booming as well as a popular web development platform.

Consult with our Business Head and let's start developing excellent PHP Website for your upcoming/existing startup or brand.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
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  • Open Source
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Excellent PHP Website Development Services

Beautiful and functional websites using PHP drives your business towards success. When you need something exceptional to show off on your website, PHP is the way to go. Our experienced and skilled team of PHP developers at 'iCoderz Solutions' can build all the types of sites you ever wanted.

Our expertise is best suitable to develop all types of websites. You can utilize our comprehensive capabilities and choose the right technology, platforms and website development services to the fullest to grow your business.

Let us come together for building dynamic PHP Website pages for your business.

Celebrating a decade in developing Awesome PHP Websites

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  • Personal

  • Theme-Based

PHP Development Services

At iCoderz, the leading PHP development company, we offer post-launch support and maintenance services. We focus on CMS solutions like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and offer simple content, image, video, and resource management solutions for non-tech-savvy users. We also develop custom dynamic PHP-based sites to foster clients’ advances and industry aims, offering affordable offshore PHP development services.

Custom PHP Web Development

Our skilled team is dedicated to providing PHP web applications that meet customers’ needs. We design and develop unique websites, web portals, shopping carts, and other web applications that are attractive, reliable, and integrated. PHP development solutions offered at our company include dynamic web pages, applications, and even ERP systems.

PHP content management systems (CMSs)

We specialize in developing and implementing well-known PHP-based platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Our solutions are easy to use and provide the simplest ways to manage content, images, videos, and resources, even for non-tech-savvy users.

PHP Frameworks (e. g. , Laravel, Symfony)

We rely on Laravel and Symfony PHP frameworks since they help us reduce development time significantly and do not compromise on quality, security, and extensibility. These frameworks give us strong starting points to develop large scale web applications and APIs to achieve project goals in terms of speed and maintainability.

php website maintenance and hosting

As a top PHP website development company, We believe in providing PHP website support and maintenance after launching or developing your project to solve problems, provide security patches, improve efficiency, and perform data backups. Our PHP support and maintenance web services help your new web application to continue working at optimal efficiency and remain secure whilst avoiding potential downtimes in the future through constant improvements and security updates.

Full-Stack PHP Development:

Our full-stack PHP development solutions cover client—and server-side features. We offer full-cycle web application development services that engage UI, database back-end, and APIs for components’ communications.

Why Choose PHP?

Benefits of Utilizing PHP for Web Development

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PHP scripts run faster than those developed in other scripts, such as ASP and JSP. Using memory, PHP reduces loading times and the amount of work the server must do, thus producing better performance and processing times.

highly secure

Open Source and Free

PHP is an open-source language, which implies that its source code is publicly accessible for usage and alteration. It enables developers to extend the functionality of PHP to suit their instructions more often without extra costs.

device interoperability


PHP supports the great feature of being easily embedded within HTML pages. It reduces the amount of code, making it easier to write and more efficient, and speeds up web development.

device interoperability

Platform Independent

PHP is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux. It guarantees that PHP applications run on various platforms without code changes, thus improving compatibility and adaptability.

device interoperability

Database Support

PHP supports a large number of databases, including MySQL, ODBS, and SQLite. It makes it an effective tool for creating database-oriented web applications, simplifying the development process, and improving the speed and productivity of future sites.

device interoperability


PHP has several security features to prevent vulnerabilities and protect websites from threats, including SQL injections and cross-site scripting. These built-in features enable developers to create more secure online systems.

device interoperability

Strong Community Support

PHP has many active web developers who contribute to online help, tutorials, documentation, and FAQs. This vast community makes learning and solving PHP-related issues easier since most questions have been answered.

Are You Prepared To Build Your Desired PHP Team?

Our Recent Work

Check out our latest PHP designs, showcasing our cutting-edge creativity and attention to detail. Our team has put in a great deal of effort to create visually stunning and innovative designs that are sure to grab your attention.

View Our Creative Designs

Crafting Seamless and Engaging Digital Journeys through Innovative UI/UX Design.

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The Process of Building Custom PHP websites and Applications with iCoderz

With iCoderz, creating the PHP websites and apps of your dreams is simple. Once you provide your project requirements, we meticulously verify and validate them to craft a comprehensive PHP development strategy tailored to your needs.

  1. Define the Goal

    First, share your goal with us so we can select the best developers according to your project needs.

  2. Review Resumes

    Check out the CVs of your project's most experienced PHP developers, designers and experts.

  3. Conduct Interviews

    Interview PHP developers, designers, and other project experts to determine its relevance.

  4. Onboarding Process

    Create legal agreements such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and begin hiring select PHP talent.

  5. Project Initiation and Support

    Start the PHP project, allocate roles, and provide 24/7 support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

Technical Expertise of Our
PHP Developers

The vetted PHP developers at iCoderz Technologies possess a strong technical background. They have extensive knowledge of their domain and related technologies. Look at the technologies we use for PHP development services.

Laravel Jetstream Model Factory Classes Migration Squashing Broadcasting Tailwind CSS For Views Events Queues Task Scheduling Query Builder and Eloquent ORM Error Handling Logging File Storage Mail service Localization Hashing Traits Testing Micro Service Architecture

PyroCMS October CMS TypiCMS Statamic Lavalite Coaster

Firebase Analytics Amazon Web Services(AWS) Docker Dapr Azure Heroku

laravel Breeze Auth Scaffolding Cashier Dusk Envoy Fortify Homestead Horizon Jetstream Octane Passport Sail Sanctum Scout Socialite Telescope Valet

PHP Strome Visual Studio Code Notepad++ Sublime

Github Bitbucket Gitlab


PHPUnit Selenium Codeception PHPSpec Buggregator Gauge

Slack Microsoft Team Hangout

Zeplin Xd Adobe Invision spanp

MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL SQLite SQL Serspanr

JIRA Trello BaseCamp


Lumen Blade Templating Front-end Technologies i.e. React js Vue js Angular Js

Google Meet Zoom GoToMeeting

Tailwind Alpine.js Laravel Livewire

10.x 9.x 8.x 7.x 6.x 5.8 5.7 5.6 5.5 5.4 5.3 5.2 5.1 5 4.2

Types of Websites


We build high-end healthcare PHP website using our extensive web technology.

Banking & Finance

We build high-end banking PHP website using our extensive web technology.

Media and Entertainment

We build high-end media PHP website using our extensive web technology.

Education and e-Learning

We build high-end education PHP website using our extensive web technology.

Travel & Tourism

We build high-end tourism/travel PHP website using our extensive web technology.


We build high-end retail PHP website using our extensive web technology.

Technology Expertise for Digital Innovation

We offer tailor-made solutions with our extensive technology expertise to help businesses unlock their true business potential. With our team's expert use of diverse technologies, we develop best-in-class software solutions that succeed.

Hire a PHP Website Developer!

Every talented team makes a successful company. We have an independent and highly innovative PHP Website development team that holds years of experience in creating various types of PHP Websites utilizing different technologies and tools.

Hire a PHP Website developer or PHP Website development team for your upcoming dedicated project. Read our blog post on ‘How much it cost to develop a customized mobile app’!

Success Stories: How We've Made a Difference

Check out our portfolio of successful projects and client success stories. We help businesses overcome challenges, achieve goals, and thrive in their industries. Our drive for innovation and customer satisfaction motivates us to develop better products and solutions for businesses, earning our valued clients' trust and loyalty.

Chowman Food Delivery

Kolkata’s Prominent
Chinese Food Delivery App

The Chowman App opens the gateway for the world of flavorful Chinese cuisine for customers directly from the famous Kolkata-based Chinese restaurant chains.

Food & Drink | India


crash-free users


App Store Rating



Chowman - Food Delivery App Case Study by iCoderz


An Award-Winning Photo & Video Editing App

A fantastic mobile app helps you make beautiful photos & Video Edits on a single app. PICFY includes more than 50+ Tools to edit, add effects, and optimize images and videos.

Photo & Video | India


crash-free users


App Store Rating



Picfy - Photo & Video Editing App Case Study by iCoderz


A Popular Dating App with Interactive Elements

Dating brings in a lot of fun and excitement. Following the trend, one of our clients asked us to build a dating app, which is quite popular now.

Dating | USA


crash-free users


App Store Rating



Blaxity - Dating App Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

The time of the PHP Web development depends on the following:

  • Customised required for the web during the development.
  • Designing part and its importance.
  • Size of the project.
  • Advanced features if there are any to be included.
  • Understanding and consent of the project evaluation from both the parties.
  • Medium-sized project (5-8 weeks).

  • Share your requirements online or via Skype.
  • Talk to our business development head for the hiring process.
  • We will make you talk to the head of the PHP department.
  • Discuss initial project details.
  • Hire team or developer (signing NDA is compulsory).
  • Choose from the hiring plan (hourly, daily, weekly).

Of course, if you have hired a particular team or developer for your project, it will surely be dedicated to your brand unless the project is delivered.

Hey, we live in the digital era! Communication is just a swipe away! Developers will be available on Skype and Whatsapp during the working hours/days for answering all your queries.

100% if you want to do that, you can. In any case, if you are not able to dedicate time, we have experienced technicians to take care of the same.

Yes. You will have that authority. And the client’s satisfaction is as important to us as the quality of website development. We are here to deliver the best PHP Web development service and output.

Teamwork is always better than single hand creativity. Though we always take care while hiring our employees, and it is in our best interest to employ experience and excellent PHP developers. Still, a team always makes the best output as more brains are working on a similar project.

There are few factors that determine the cost of developing a PHP Website.

  • Size of the PHP Web project.
  • Advanced features of the development if any included.
  • Time and skills required for the project to be accomplished.

The average years of experience at iCoderz Solutions in the website development is 3-6 years. Our developers are well versed with the latest technology and tools. They are trained and well-equipped with digital platforms that they are expert of.

Trusted by Leading Clients

We are proud to have earned the trust of leading clients from India, USA, UK, Canada and Germany, who rely on us for their critical software needs. Join our esteemed clientele and experience the excellence that sets us among the top-notch mobile app development companies globally.

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Technology solutions to overcome the unique challenges and generate value for businesses in different industries.

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We are your reliable PHP development company as we excel in using PHP technology for your top-notch PHP solutions. You can count on us for seamless and smooth operations for your websites for the long run.

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Our skilled PHP Developers Servicing Different kinds of Sectors.

Our team at iCoderz has skilled PHP developers who are prepared to tackle any web development task. Together, you and our PHP experts, with specialised business knowledge, will discuss, organise, and evaluate your application needs. Our PHP programming services have effectively enabled companies in a variety of sectors.


With a team of expert Education app developers, we build innovative education app solutions. We make e-learning fun by adding gamification to the education app development services.

  • E-learning Portals

  • Educational Gaming App

  • School Management

  • Online Tutor App


We excel in developing custom on-demand solutions enabling business owners to serve their customers when needed. Our On-demand developers have been developing on-demand apps for over a decade.


iCoderz develops on-demand healthcare applications for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other care providers. Our healthcare app developers are well-trained and experienced in building innovative digital health solutions.

Finance & Insurance

With an expert team of Fintech developers, we develop next-gen finance and insurance solutions using AI and ML. We deliver custom-tailored solutions for insurance & other financial institutions.

  • Mobile Banking App

  • E-payment Solution

  • Financial Portal

  • Digital Wallet

E-Commerce & Retail

Our mobile app engineers have been developing Retail and eCommerce apps for various global clients. From eCommerce marketplace apps to B2B applications, our eCommerce developers deliver the best solutions.

  • Shopping Portals

  • B2B & B2C e-commerce app

  • mCommerce App

  • ECommerce Website


The Media industry is gaining immense popularity. Our mobile and web app developers are highly proficient in developing applications like photo and video editing and live streaming apps.

Hospitality & Travel

We deliver custom travel and hospitality app solutions. Our travel app experts are proficient in designing and developing on-demand travel applications to make travel more fun and less stressful.

  • Hotel Booking App

  • Home Rental App

  • Ticket Booking App

  • Carpooling App

Transport & Logistics

The logistics business is vast and includes many aspects. With our expert Logistics app developers and engineers, we help logistics businesses establish and manage their online Logistics business seamlessly.

Real Estate

We deliver custom Real Estate solutions for property agents, architects, brokers, and others. We deliver the best real estate solutions with the perfect blend of our developer's expertise and the latest technology.

  • Property Management App

  • Real Estate Planning App

  • B2B/B2C Real Estate App

  • Commission Management Solution


At iCoderz, we focus on increasing the business efficiency of our clients. Thus, we develop and deliver next-gen automotive IT solutions to help improve connectivity and cost-efficiency.

  • Vehicle Maintenance App

  • GPS Solutions

  • CRM Solutions

  • POS Solutions

Client Words: A Legacy of Trust

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond software development; it encompasses delivering amazing experiences to our valued customers. Through a customer-centric approach, unparalleled on-demand app solutions, and deep domain expertise, we foster loyalty, ensuring your success remains at the heart of everything we do.

Ayooh - Client Review for iCoderz Solutions

iCoderz Solutions was a particularly valuable partner during the ideation phase, offering advice and sharing honest opinions about the product.

Maama's - Client Review for iCoderz Solutions

The vendor's invested efforts allowed them to exceed expectations. They've been exceptionally accommodating to stakeholders' requests. Their knowledge and responsiveness were

Blind Piggie - Client Review for iCoderz Solutions

Pre-launch testing produced positive reviews. iCoderz Solutions offered solid communication skills, speedy request response, and goal-oriented project management.