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iCoderz Solutions understand that every client has a different requirement. As per your budget and deadline, we have designed various engagement models for your web and app development projects.

  • Blade Templating Precision
  • Artisan Command Efficiency
  • Eloquent ORM Reliability
  • 20+ Startups Served
  • 450+ Projects Delivered
  • 65+ Developers Globally
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Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated developer team model is one of the most suitable engagements for long term projects. When you have a customized web or app development project that might continue for more than 3 months, it is highly recommended to hire developers with a dedicated team model.

Value for investment Suits long-term projects Real-time updates Client control Savings on human resources Savings on infrastructure

Fixed Cost Price Model

When you are 100% sure of the development details, you must consider the fixed cost pricing model. It is highly apt for small to medium scale IT software development projects. Here the development company will agree to the fixed cost of development against the team and technology resources allocated for the project.

Well-defined project Cost is fixed No supervision required Swift development Less scope of errors Scalable results

Time & Material Model

Do you think the scope and features of the project are vague? If yes, this is the most suitable project engagement model for fulfilling your requirements. Also, when you are ready as a client to stay in the loop for every little detail about your project, you must go for the time and material engagement. It is a highly recommended model for games application, AI and IoT projects.

Dynamic model Client control Pay as you use Great savings Ideal for complex projects Improves knowledge

Extended Team Support

Well, extended team support is one of the newer yet trending projects engagement models. If you have a good team of development and state-of-the-art infrastructure for launching a project but would like to add more talent to your team, you must connect with us for extended team support.

Add more talent Quick development Best for one-time requirements Save money on hiring Ideal for complex projects Expand your team size

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